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Pastor Jack Hayford endorses Dr. Edwin Louis Cole with these observations:

  • “Ed Cole was one of the primary voices of this generation...”
  • “Much of what he taught will pass the test of time...”
  • “The capacity for discipling men over the Internet is enormous...”

Other endorsements:

“Edwin Cole’s ministry changed my life, changed my marriage. I thank God for his ministry.”

Reggie White, NFL Superbowl Champion

“Dr. Cole’s ministry has helped instill some of the courage I need to face the battles of professional sports. I encourage you to become the champion God created you to be.”

A.C. Green, NBA Ironman

“Dr. Cole’s ministry is an inspiration to all real men, young and old, fathers and sons — and grandfathers like me.”

Dr. Kenneth Taylor, The Living Bible

“Ed Cole’s ministry produces ‘fruit that remains’ — godliness, righteousness, holiness.”

Jim Garlow, Pastor, Skyline Wesleyan

“Ed Cole has delivered a stirring message for men, filled with illustrations and the practical advice that men need for victorious living.”

Pat Robertson, President, CBN

“Ed Cole articulates Christlike attributes of manhood that will enable men to stand for right and fight against wrong in the tough times ahead.”

Tommy Barnett, Pastor, Phoenix First Assembly

“Edwin Louis Cole shows us how to become what all men need to be and want to be.”

Gavin MacLeod, Actor

“This is a man with the word for men today.”

Mike Singletary, NFL Hall-of-Famer

“Edwin Louis Cole is doing wonderful, critical work on the frontline of spiritual warfare.”

Ted Baehr, Chairman, The Christian Film and Television Commission

“A nation rebels against the heavenly Father because it does not know what an earthly father is. Edwin Louis Cole is a role model for this generation.”

Doug Stringer, Somebody Cares

“The hour is late and the problems are massive. We must be strong! Dr. Cole’s message is part of God’s answer to the tough times we face.”

Billy Joe Daugherty, Pastor, Victory Christian Center

“God has developed a magnificent ministry in Edwin Louis Cole. He has ministered to me, drawing out of me an intensity for Christianity that God has placed deep within me.”

Coach Bill McCartney, Promise Keepers

“Don't just read his material. Take a moment to let Ed Cole be your Dad. It will change your life forever.”

Willie George, Pastor, Church on the Move

“Edwin Louis Cole is an example to men; an inspiration to men in a time that cries out for just such leaders with sound moral values.”

Oliver North, Lt. Col., U.S. Marine Corps (ret.)

“I hope to convey somehow to the men I influence the influence that Ed Cole’s words have had on my life.”

Carman, Musician

“Ed is an anointed man of God. His ministry is bringing America to a place of repentance and revival.”

James Robison, Life Today

“I thank God for the ministry of Brother Cole to men.”

Barry Sanders, Heisman Trophy Winner, NFL Heisman Trophy Winner

“Edwin Louis Cole’s uncompromised message has stirred and motivated the hearts of today’s professional and collegiate athletes to utilize their talents for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Larry Kerychuk, Athletes International Ministries

“A message; a movement; a man raised up. Ed Cole, with unique spiritual chemistry, is on the move to reset the ancient moral landmarks obliterated by a generation that has lost its way.”

George Otis, President, High Adventure Ministries

“Few people have done as much to maximize real manhood in today’s emasculating society as Edwin L. Cole.”

Pat Boone, Entertainer

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