The Legacy of Dr. Edwin Louis Cole

Becoming a Patron Helps Build a Legacy!

As a Patron of the Ed Cole® Library you are the life-blood that helps us to fulfill our calling to build a legacy!

The Ed Cole® Library has been called to preserve, protect and perpetuate a ministry, founded by Dr. Edwin Louis Cole, majoring in men to declare a standard that “Manhood and Christlikeness are synonymous.”

Our mission is clear, our mandate compelling, and our ministry is Christ’s

We are not funded by large endowments and organizations. Instead, we have a base of faithful men who ensure that every man has the opportunity hear the truth of Christlike manhood.

You are investing to help establish Dr. Cole’s legacy to men in our lifetime. Setup your donation using the secure form below.As a Patron we will provide you with access to Dr. Cole’s Personal Resources.

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